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The Wave has gotten out of control

Posted on: July 21, 2009 12:07 am

The wave is getting out of hand. There are unwritten rules to doing the wave in a stadium, but I guess people have forgotten them. I'll write a few just to remind anyone who might read this. Here are my biggest forgotten rules:

1. Do Not do the wave when your team is losing! Nothing makes me angrier than watching fans give up on the game and resign to doing the wave. There are exceptions to this of course. One is that the wave must be done no matter what at the beginning of the 2nd quarter at Camp Randall.

2. Do Not do the wave while the opposing team is on offense! The wave is a sign of continuance. You want a rally, one person picking up the next person. You don't want this for the opposing team. It also takes all focus off the game.

3. Be careful when you cheer the wave! I hate when the wave finally gets all around the stadium and people erupt in cheer at a random moment. It sometimes makes it seem they are cheering the wrong things.

4. Finally, in the interest of my favorite team: The wave does not belong in Yankee Stadium. It never has, and it never should. The old chant used to be "Take the wave to Shea!" But I guess that doesn't work anymore. Maybe the old school atmosphere is gone and I have to accept that. Hopefully the real fans will return to the stadium come playoff time and with them the wave will be forced out.


The wave is a fun thing to do at a sporting event. I just think there is a time and a place for it.

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